04/23/11 | Comments (0)
Image: Gold is the New Plastic
Gold is the New Plastic. If Gold is the new, then plastic must be the old... ------------- Is it possible for both to be the old and the new? Is it possible for neither to be old and the new? ------------- Traders and investors are ... Read More >
10/30/10 | Comments (0)
Image: E ben EE zer
E ben EE zercan TEEch us some valuable lessons about finances. Most traders and investors think they have problems because of the market. I believe they have problems related to their dysfunctional relationship with monEE. Scrooge is miserlE... Read More >
10/06/10 | Comments (0)
Image: Al E Oops
Eminiwizard website is being moved to a new host, so he did the back door move. He asked another wizard (me) if  I wanted a guest speaker so he could post in a timely fashion. Half heartedly, I approved: "Not to worry, It's all the same to me.... Read More >
04/17/10 | Comments (0)
Image: Are we there yet?
When the market looks the bleakest, when the dark is so pitch black that you cannot even see 5 feet in front of you, expect what most people won't see. A new day, a new dawn, a new dream,  a new life. The ant philosophy. -------------------... Read More >
07/16/07 | Comments (0)
If we accept that Super-crunching is examining huge sets of data to discover rational, perhaps "hidden" determinations, does that mean that we are forever bound to succumb to "paralysis by analysis?" The paradox of course implies that we understan... Read More >
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