There are many outstanding individuals who can help you on the road to success. We have tried to identify a few of them here for your convenience. These are the people who, in our opinion, are extraordinary in their ability to provide us with shortcuts to successful living. Check them out, then make up your own mind.

We have tried to include a cross section of people, representing the various themes of this site.
Since many of these Mentors really have their act together, it is impossible to “label” them and put them into one little category. They are entrepreneurial, enjoy a high degree of personal self-development, are marketing experts, etc. That should be evidence enough for us to understand the power we can create in our own life when we successfully integrate all of these areas.

As you study these Mentors, you will begin to see certain patterns of thinking emerge. Take note, as these common denominators will lead you to the path you are seeking.

Do you have a suggestion for a mentor you would like to see included in our list?

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