Wizardz Of Wealth is the product of a collaboration between technology, real estate, marketing and advertising experts, and students of wealth building, small business, real estate, trading and investing, and personal finance.

Founded in 2002, the goal of Wizardz Of Wealth is to help lead the average person through the overwhelming amount of information available on personal finance, self development, small business / entrepreneurship, trading, investing and generally creating wealth in the simplest fashion possible, and introduce its users to a community of people just like them, looking to make their lives richer.

We feel that there is no easy road to wealth—but by using wizardZofwealth.com, you’ll be utilizing the best shortcuts available to you.

The Team

Co-owner, CEO, and Head of Research and Development Dennis Parmelee has over 25 years in the real estate industry, and, along with Ruth Ellen Parmelee, co-owns a real estate company and is a student of trading and investing.

Co-owner, CTO, and Internet Strategist Chris Jason has over 10 years of experience in Internet and New Media, and currently manages digital media product development for a major media company.

Director of Marketing Ali Parmelee oversees brand management and marketing strategy, and currently co-owns a full-service marketing and advertising company.

Director of Marketing Jennifer Childs is responsible for marketing strategy and PR, and currently works as Director of Marketing for a major publishing company.

Art Director Joel Waggener currently oversees the design department of a full-service marketing and advertising firm.

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