When building your small business, there are six major areas to consider.

Do you have a simple set of guidelines to keep you focused on where you want to go, what you want to do, and how you are going to do it?

For example:

In what direction is your moral compass pointing?

What are you offering in return for your compensation?

What are the day-to-day decisions of managing and running your enterprise that need to be made?

How are you going to promote your small business and let the world know it is available?

How will your product or service get delivered to your client or customer?

All of your business decisions should fall within these broad categories — and they are equally important when considering how or if you should build your small business. Five out of six is NOT usually good enough; failure to properly execute any one of these areas is likely to doom you to failure before you begin.

Image: Three Steps to Continued Growth
Devise systems to build your distribution networks around these three concepts for volume and watch your business grow exponentially...
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Image: Strategic Alliances
The synergism that is created by a hub of activity benefits all...
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Image: Power of Connections
Many people assume that introductions to powerful and influential people are a ticket to better business opportunities...
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Image: Penetration
How wide and deep is your distribution network?...
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Image: Business Referrals
Our distribution system needs to introduce our product or service to a core group of individuals who will enthusiastically promote our product, with reduced risk to our potential client...
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Image: Conveyor Belt
How do we discover and determine the correct pace of activity to meet our goals and to maximize our results?...
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Image: What’s In It For Me (WIIFM)?
Comparison-shopping will eventually lead the consumer to find the best value for their money, and they will brag about their "good fortune" to their friends and family...
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Image: Marketing Strategies & Tactics
Become a specialist, where you have a chance at occupying a position in the prospect’s mind...
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Image: Marketing Repetition
Focus our energies on the people most likely to take advantage of our product or service, and keep ourselves in front of them until they get the message...
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Image: Pleasure or Pain
Grant in the mind what people desire in reality. They need to see themselves as already enjoying the benefits...
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