Image: What one thing would you do if you knew you could not fail?

The great law of focus says the more we become an expert in one area, the more of a competitive advantage we will have.

An interesting approach to investing is the Changewave Alliance. They take a team approach by assembling the opinion of “experts” at the grass roots level and then compile information for the benefit of all their subscribers.

As Jim Rohn says, “None of us is as smart as ALL of us.”

As each of us contributes our unique perspective, we all benefit. This has been the uniqueness of America and it’s lure for people of repressive economies.

Assemble your own team of experts in marketing, management and production to bake a bigger pie. You will have more opportunities than if you try and do everything yourself. It is a fundamental law of the universe – sharing, cooperation and teamwork will provide an increase for everyone involved.

Do you remember the movie “City Slickers?” Billy Crystal is confused about the meaning and purpose of life and questions Jack Palance’s character, who obviously had his act together. While sitting atop his horse, Jack looks squarely into Billy’s eyes and points to him with one finger and declares “one.”

After considerable experience and pondering, Billy finally understands that Jack was referring to the power of single-minded focus.

What one thing will you do?

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