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12/03/13 | Comments (0)
Image: Seeing Stars
Perception is unique. "Two men looked out through prison bars. One man saw mud, the other stars." The current state of affairs seems to have us believe the laws have changed. Our perception of value may change over time, but facts are facts...
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03/03/13 | Comments (0)
Image: Stealing Home with Whores
I hate to admit it, but I am a thief. The General posted a story Friday that caught my eye. It is worth reading if you have the time. --------------- Stanley is no lightweight, and I am a puny match for his skill and intellect. Still, ...
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02/18/13 | Comments (0)
Image: Objectivity
Rock on. Stated another way, what is your rock, your foundation, your guiding light? ------------- What is the object of YOUR life? Sorry to ask you that personal question, but it is important to answer it. ----------------- We have...
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01/11/13 | Comments (0)
Image: Idiots
One of the more enlightening, concise books I have read on wealth is by Robert Shemin. There are many great resources in my library, but this is one of the best. ------------- Most experts will talk about the basic principles we have outline...
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11/18/12 | Comments (0)
Image: Messy Economics
This post caught my eye, and I thought I would write a response. ------------------ The housing bubble was a result of easy money after 911. Savvy investors leveraged and flipped houses because hot money always chases the idea of highest and be...
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07/01/12 | Comments (0)
Image: Then and Now
The Wiz wants to know. Then and Now...as we climb that highway into the sky... Anything different? ---------- Any meaningful progress made? In their lives? In ours? ---------- Father time has a way of moving on us. --------...
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03/16/12 | Comments (0)
Image: Daisey and Destinae
Breaking barriers is hard. Especially the ones that are in our mind. ā€œI wonder if it's possible to have a love affair that lasts forever?ā€ - Andy Warhol -------- Ours was a love affair that was unlike any other that has ever been, or ever wil...
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01/12/12 | Comments (0)
Image: Cinch Worm
"Inch by inch, any-thing's a cinch." - Robert Schuller ------- Writing a guest post in wizard land, as the website for emini is down. Some bright technician is hacking more than I am right now, so the site is unavailable until we get it resolved. ...
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12/20/11 | Comments (0)
Image: The Seasons of Life
Youth left his body a few years ago, but not his spirit. Father Time has a way of playing cruel tricks on us, like never giving us a definite time stamped on our tickets for departure. -------------- Winter came much too early for Kenny. ...
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10/29/11 | Comments (0)
Image: Are You Hungry?
Just how hungry are you? ------------ Many businesses have suffered these last few years, and the economy has not been kind to homeowners and real estate related professionals like Realtors, mortgage brokers, and contractors. Many are hungry...
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