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Perception is unique.

“Two men looked out through prison bars.
One man saw mud, the other stars.”

The current state of affairs seems to have us believe the laws have changed.

Our perception of value may change over time, but facts are facts.

I proposed this idea about that on January 30, 2013.

With regards to the economy and stock market, the longs have had a field day kicking the can down the road. The gap, trap, and squeeze trade  all the way ’til the cows come home at the end of the year is playing out.

What is real and what isn’t cant be measured by the old metrics.

Sadly, a handshake is not what it used to be: agreement between two people, even in business.

Rip-off artists abound, with no shame.

I guess a new word for the dictionary (remember those?) is “winklevoss“.

Who would have thought it necessary in the Alzheimer generation to have a company worth 3 Billion that publishes disappearing photos online?

Oh wait, They were actually offered 4 Billion on November 15. The “founders” said no, they wanted more.

On a side note, evidently the behavior of our generation evidently has something to do with “find a need and fill it”.

Throwaway generation, including all traces of our transgressions.

Jeff Bezos has created a river of huge returns, by continuing to expect customer loyalty by putting their needs first.

I give thanks for my friends, my family, my health, my sense of purpose.

On Thanksgiving, we all took turns saying what we were most thankful for.

Mom was sitting next to me, and at 92 years old, we never know how many more times like that we will be able to get together.

I toasted that I was thankful for those who have gone before us and taught us our values. Pop, and Poppy. Grandpa Dan. Lillian and Gisela and Mimi. All from a generation born to Destiny.

They are my Stars, not carved into the sidewalk, but in the eternal darkness filled with Light and hope and a desire to help ourselves by helping one another.



The core principles remain intact for this website.

With no apologies, I write a blog post occasionally as I have time.

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