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Following Yonder Star…


Happy Holidays to all…


On Christmas eve, it is hard not to think of a bittersweet year…

Pop was a soldier in the army, but he was not a violent man.

Competitive, yes; violent, no.

The same was true of my wife’s dad: an outstanding athlete; he was in the Navy but was also a very gentle man.

Though they have been gone for years, we think of them all the time.. and remember them fondly.



Nina was a Thanksgiving blessing for the family…

Lucy has already had her fifteen minutes of fame…



We remember fallen soldiers like Gisela and Mimi… women of character who led vibrant lives and helped us shape our values..

…they are needed to help balance out men I think.

Kurt Vonnegut comes to mind… not sure which one of his books the thought comes from, I read at least five or six of them.

Referring to testosterone, he spoke of the later years as being like “getting down off a wild horse”.

In Deadeye Dick, this visionary writer speaks to our conscience: “You want to know something? We are still in the Dark Ages. The Dark Ages — they haven’t ended yet.”




We think of George, eagerly awaiting “Chicken”  and “Moe” …

our children are the hope for tomorrow…

…but what about today?



We think of our loved ones near and far… our family and our extended family…



To those of you who celebrate Christmas,  we hope it is a time of peace and love, and joy.

And to those of you who don’t, we wish all of you the same.


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