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Image: Meta-morphosis

In last week’s article we discussed the need to re-invent ourselves.

We do not mean re-inventing the wheel of course, but rather the dynamics of the wheel; its materials, size, strength, construction, and balance.

We are taking our own advice, so please excuse our site as we are bringing it to the web 2.0 standards. It will help us more easily deliver our original content, while allowing us to create the interactive environment that is needed to provide for the flow of ideas in our community. Thanks for your patience during our reconstruction; we will remain open for your convenience throughout that process.

We acknowledge and embrace the needs of our physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, and social being. We heartily endorse the significance of the family unit and the pleasures that can only be found through those significant relationships.

With that said, the focus and scope of our free site is to help our readers with the financial aspects of their lives.

We have seen too many people lose sight of those other values because of the financial predicament in which they currently find themselves. There is another group of people who previously may never have been exposed to the harsh realities of the shifting economic tides; people unequipped to deal with the loss of financial security.

Our core values remains the same; we need to get our head above water before we can swim. We promote the concept of survival first, attaining a comfortable lifestyle next, and lastly achieving a leisure level whereby we do not have to work any more to meet our financial obligations. Then we are free to choose how we spend our time and money.

Some will choose leisure activities like golf or tennis or swimming. Others sailing, boating, fishing. Some will volunteer and find a way to help those less fortunate. Some will travel and escape to faraway destinations of their dreams. Some will mentor; some will enjoy the pleasures of their garden; and some will enjoy precious time with their family, whether they are aging parents, grandchildren, or spouse and children.

Wouldn’t it be nice to have the time to do the things you really want to do, without having to worry about money?

If financial freedom is easily within our grasp, why are so many people currently in trouble?

There has never been a time when so much information on any topic is so easy to find. Sifting through too much information in our “brain attic” is part of the problem; actually having the courage and discipline to use it is another.

Please help spread the word, we are building it, and they will come.

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