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Image: Reaching for the Stars

Just how hungry are you?


Many businesses have suffered these last few years, and the economy has not been kind to homeowners and real estate related professionals like Realtors, mortgage brokers, and contractors.

Many are hungry.


“They don’t look hungry to me.”


I said that to my wife recently, about her favorite baseball team, the St Louis Cardinals.

I joined into her chorus supporting the Cards, trying to forget the shameful ending in Boston this year.


Attitude is everything. Skills are necessary to be sure, but at the professional level, I am assuming that most of the players are reasonably close in that department.

Having the will to win is a lot harder; the guts to say: “This is destined, you will not stop me.”


The Cinderella story is a fascinating account of belief in one’s self, and personal evolution.


You have to be hungry.

I saw the Cards become Hungry in Game Six. Fighting for every inch of turf.

We saw it in Game Seven. How about Craig’s catch to save a home run? Or forget David Freese’s bat (impossible), how about the catch in foul territory when he almost went into the stands?

That’s hungry.


A blend of defense and offense wins ball games.

One without the other is not enough.


“There is no defense against a walk.”


Run hard for what we want in life.

It starts in the mind, and then with action.


Go for it…

Diet time…

It starts today, not tomorrow… Time waits for no one…

Wild Cards, after being 10.5 games out on August 25th.

Farewell Phillies, a great team.

Bye Bye Brewers, another terrific franchise.

Tomorrow maybe, but not today Texas…



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