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The Wiz wants to know.

Then and Now…as we climb that highway into the sky…

Anything different?


Any meaningful progress made?

In their lives?

In ours?


Father time has a way of moving on us.


The blog portion of this website has withered on the vine. Not by lack of interest on my part, not by apathy, but by life. The lessons that remain true, the core of this website should still help the unskilled move up a rung or two on the ladder of ideas to build wealth.

As we evolve, our needs and time constraints change.

Remember this?


I can asssure you, I am as passionate as ever about self-responsibility. About creating a wealthy lifestyle, however we define it.

How about you?


“I see”, said the blind man, when he really didn’t see at all.


circle of life

We bought a condo in Florida this year. Not sure if it is “the” low, but a 50% haircut in prices makes us feel good about our timing.


I continue to teach financial literacy and post regularly in another blog. We talked about slingshots the other day, not the cultural kind, but the price type. That has been a black hole of time for me, so it is a good thing I enjoy it. I have been blessed with several careers, and this has been as rewarding as the others.

I have talked with a few people who proudly declare they are retired.

Good for them I suppose; I prefer to go out swinging rather than grazing.


We have come full circle, and my wife and I are the ones who are now juxtaposed in the circle of life.


What about now?


Step by Step, leaders lead by example.

Just do it.


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