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This post caught my eye, and I thought I would write a response.


The housing bubble was a result of easy money after 911. Savvy investors leveraged and flipped houses because hot money always chases the idea of highest and best use.

The inflationary housing domino bit all the undisciplined homeowners who thought the cycle would never end and took out equity lines to the hilt.

It also bit their prudent neighbors as well, despite Alan G’s assertions that only the last buyers would get hurt.

“Save America, go buy a Hummer” sounded patriotic, but actually it was idiotic.

Between Y2k and that horrific event,Alfred E adopted a “what me worry attitude”, figuring he would never be around to pay it back.

Keynesian policies are flawed.

Gold bugs bought, and the $5 breakout in Silver was an alarm going off to sophisticated investors.

Bankruptcy rules were stiffened.

Escaping from responsibility for student loans was made next to impossible. A recipe for disaster, especially when grads can’t find jobs.

The market always speaks to us, but most people wont listen.

Shifting the toxic assets to the taxpayer, then hiring the same jerks who got us in this mess to clean it up was truly a work of art.

We are still a nation of sheep.

Freeze the politician’s pay until we get a balanced budget. Give them the same social security benefits as everyone else until we are solvent again. Congress is supposed to work for us, not the other way around.


No matter who gets elected, self-responsibility is still the cornerstone of a democratic society.

The socialists mandate for equality is nothing more than a vote for mediocrity.

The “me” is important in society, as “we” are only as strong as is the collection of “me”.


A reminder that the wealth principles I believe in are timeless and remain available as the core of this site.

I blog when I can here, and teach more specific examples about the markets on another site.

Cash Flow is the heart and soul that sustains us, while our long term strategies build wealth.


I am in hot water with a doppelganger, another Dennis. He doesn’t like my opinion about Keynesian economics. I referred him to Richard Maybury. If he finds this page he may at least get a glimpse into another point of view.

If we are going to solve these substantial problems, we are going to have to remain open-minded and work together, no matter how different our views may be.


We sold our home in 2005 because I believed it was timely.

Lucky guess, or simply listening to the soft voice of experience.

Silver became part of our portfolio.


We all make choices, and we have to live with them.

What choices are you making? With investments, with plans for your future, with your life?

Time waits for no one…

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