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Image: You can't steal second base while one foot is still on first.”

Have you ever noticed the balancing act between fear and greed  that is often required?

Usually one of these “emotions” gets us in its grasp and refuses to let us go.

Fear helps us to avoid danger, but at times excessive fear paralyzes and inhibits our ability to take constructive action on our own behalf.

Embracing greed makes us overstay our welcome in an investment, and the end result is usually loss of profits as well as loss of some of our original capital.

Savvy investors understand the nature of risk. After determining a reasonable risk/reward ratio, they take decisive action in order to make a profit. They also know when and where to draw the line in the sand, and cut their losses quickly if the investment is not working.

We invite you to take a risk-free look at our community of entrepreneurs, investors, and small business owners who want to take control of their financial destiny.

Wizardzofwealth.com is the closest thing to stealing second with your foot still on first. One idea harnessed from our free website may be the ticket out of your self-imposed limitations.

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