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Image: Giant steps

Do you remember a childhood game that we used to play called “Mother May I ?”

As you will recall, we had to ask for “permission” to do something.

“Can I take 3 giant steps forward ?”

“No, but you may take 2 small steps backwards.”

In real life, some of us have been blessed to have a mother who scolded us, disciplined us, and encouraged us to enjoy life and see the beauty and wonder of it all.

And they also loved us unconditionally.

If you have been doubly blessed, you have found a wonderful spouse that has these same qualities, and has given you some children to surround yourself as family.

Talk about true wealth, does it get any better than this?

Happy Mother’s Day to all those deserving women who make this world a better place for all of us.

This young lady probably doesn’t have time to read this, and this young man certainly won’t either, but I bet he had a loving, supportive mother who encouraged him by telling him that “Nothing is impossible if you want it badly enough.”

Go for your dreams while there is still time; with all due respect for Mom, the only person who needs to give you permission to succeed is yourself.

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