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Look inside and out.


Fall is upon us, literally and figuratively.

We seem to be at an important crossroad, and the seasons of our lives ebb and flow.

To some people, material things are the sum and substance of their ideas about wealth.

What is your currency?


I believe in self-responsibility.

I also believe in God.


Ministering to ourselves, we need to care for our spiritual, mental, and physical well-being.

It is interesting to me that the Triangle people , with a focus on athletics, positioned the body last in their self-description.


The coming beauty of Fall in New England is stunning. It’s one of my favorite seasons. The radiant colors of the swamp maples start first, and the Oaks are the defiant ones who leave us with russets and browns and a feeling of dullness.

Whether we believe in God or not, over the course of our life, we get to choose how to “spend” our time. If all we do is look inward, we miss interaction with others. If all we do is look outward upon material things, we miss finding our “real” selves.

Striking the right balance is what is the hardest; sometimes our lives get out of whack because a current trend seems like a train with an inevitable destination.

If that is so, why not enjoy the ride?


I have met some nice people online, and while talking to one today a romance with a writer I admire was rekindled.

Kurt was a writerwith wit and passion, and wrote about dark subjects with humor. Deadeye Dick was one of my favorites, and if memory serves me correctly, I laughed all the way through it and then was hit with a brick in the head when he said “we are still living in the dark ages”.


With all our technical progress, with all the advancement in society, we still have made very little progress.

A local paper carries the gruesome details.

Government continues hell-bent on self-destruction.

Man’s inhumanity to man seems on that train with no brakes.


If all we do is fill our head with the gory, and depraved aspects of daily living, how can we ever experience joy?


Wealth is about our Youth, our middle age, and even the special beauty of our aging process.

In a culture that embraces narcissistic beauty, it is hard to remain confident and comfortable with who we are.

Do it anyways.


As Viktor Frankl has said so eloquently, we have the freedom to choose our own thoughts, in any circumstance.

I choose the radiant colors of Love, Laughter, and Joy.

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