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Here are three unscientific but highly reliable tests to help you determine your “entrepreneur quotient” profile.

1. The Basement Test: Go down in your basement and look around. Is it well-organized, or messy? Is everything in its place or strewn about? Look in your garage, bureau drawers, and closets for additional confirmation.

2. The Drive to Work Test: Do you take the same route to work every day?

3. The Golf Test: Do you “swing from the heels” and often find yourself in the woods as well as the occasional spectacular long drive down the middle off the tee?

Entrepreneurs are a different breed. They are creative, but not necessarily well organized. They often enjoy the challenge of starting something new, but have problems finishing a project. They are unhappy with routine, repetitive, highly structured activities, preferring the excitement of change. They are not gunslingers, but are comfortable with taking risks, confident they will “land on their feet.”

These tendencies help entrepreneurs start companies. They are successful, however, because they balance their profile by delegating responsibility for details to staff that is well-organized, structured, and realistic about taking unlimited risk.

Why not consider starting your own small business if finding a job is so difficult in your neighborhood?

We are just passing through the valley, as some would say, and hope needs to be married with a creative vision during challenging times.

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