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Image: “You don’t throw somebody away just because he is banged up a little.” 
- From the movie Sea Biscuit

This is a true story about a gifted athlete name “Pete.”

Pete had just retired and was doing what he loved to do most: play softball. Unfortunately, he suffered a terrible accident while playing and broke his neck.

His doctors didn’t think he would ever walk again, much less play sports. He was lucky to be alive.

But Pete was lucky in many ways—he had an unusual talent. His enormous personal and professional successes were a direct result of his natural ability to bring out the best in people. He knew how to get inside and stir up people’s passions. He constantly energized everyone around him with his charismatic personality. And it was hard not to be affected by him.

Faced with a future that would have been unbearable, Pete looked in the mirror and did what he does best. He energized himself.

After a relatively short time in a rehabilitation program, the most amazing thing happened. Pete was walking on his own again. Of course, never being satisfied with simply reaching goals, Pete switched sports and is now happily playing championship tennis!

What do you see when you look in the mirror? What motivates you to exceed your goals?

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