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My good friend Maven asked me what I thought about the Yankees spectacular win last night.

In a word: Bell EE vable.

I wish my mind could leave it there, but it Can not.

The Culture of winning goes back many years for the Yankees. Don’t tell anybody, but a well-kept secret is that I actually rooted for the Yankees when I was in my rebellious years in High School. Pop and my family were Red Sox fans, so I decided it would be fun to root for the team that knew how to win.

Mickey and Roger and Cletis, YogEE and Don and Whitey and the Moose and the Holy Cow guy; an exciting dynasty.

Later on, I gradually came over from the dark side, and went Red. it was easier to support my Dad’s efforts in his later years, giving him much comfort.


It was a tough week; we lost a few close ones. Both were elderly; and they will be missed. Time waits for no one, so be about it, what ever it is that you want to do.

I see we just lost the man who pondered the question: “How long is the coast of Britain?” , and decided it was “infinite” . That philosophy helps us see “one day at a time” as an important idea.

E posted on twitter a day ago: “The will to win is everything”, and that sums up my thinking about the Yankees victorEE.

It is an attitude, a frame of mind. It is thinking that there is aways a way to play the game with spirit and heart and resolve; that each of us by ourselves, or each little act of ours, is unimportant until it is combined with the efforts of others.

Step by Step, as Jim Rohn says.

Mo is a curious thing, and once started, our intuition can feel the pressure that will cause the surge.

Hats off to the Spirit of the Yankees, and to our friends and family.

Wealthier in our own lives because of them.


Friday’s turning point in the stock market came subtly, almost imperceptibly. From one small, brave soldier who said “no more” at the end of the first hour, came a victory for the Bulls by the end of the day.

If we want to win, we need to  join the winning team.

Look for brave soldiers, and join them, even if their name is Robinson Cano.

We all need to make a decision; is our name going to be Cano or Cannot?


That’s what I love about the True Spirit of America; not the politician’s and government’s view that we can use Helicopters to win the battle. It starts with the ground game… as Joe says…grind it out.

M, cheers to your team and to a well earned win… congrats.

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