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“Inch by inch, any-thing’s a cinch.” – Robert Schuller
Writing a guest post in wizard land, as the website for emini is down. Some bright technician is hacking more than I am right now, so the site is unavailable until we get it resolved.
Annoying, yes. Disruptive, of course. In the bigger picture, not even a blip on the radar screen.
How do you view adversity? Is it supposed to be conquered by iron-jawed determination? Sheer will power?

We did a seminar today for our members, and it was about the phenomenon of Sway.

It is must reading for those of us who want to learn how NOT to continually shoot ourselves in the foot.

Easier said than done, but bringing to our awareness the role our mind plays in self-sabotage is the first step. The book outlines a concrete step-by step method to avert disastrous behavior.

Worth a read in my opinion.

A recent article about the market prompted us to discuss the negative effects of being defensive once we develop a mindset. We need objective criteria to support our fundamental conclusions. While we don’t disagree with a bullish thesis, we do think we can make more money trading the swings intraday rather than just riding a wave.

The market leaped 25 points off last year’s close, in effect giving the Boyz a chance to hit off the ladies Tee and squeeze the shorts. Can’t exactly call that Bearish, can we, especially in an election year?


Attention Waldo mart shoppers: Can Catcher’s Mitt Romney be the one to slay the messiah?

Doubtful. We are still a nation of sheep, and get what we deserve.

Critical thinking has left the building, and self-responsibility is a thing of the past. Unfortunately, blaming others for our own lack of success keeps us mired in the spiral of decay.


Ever notice how most people just regurgitate quotes from the past?


“Be neither a bull nor a bear but a Seeker of the Truth” – A Elder #EMWS






The casino is open, the Boyz are ready to take our money if we blindly follow a guru.

Trading and investing can be done, but it is a learned skill that takes time.


Oops again.

10:39] E: 86.75 is the demon from globex #EMWS very technical market [11:00] E: keep things simple, but not too simple – A. Einstein


Janelle: I think the 90 chart is supportive on the NQ.

What a great idea she shared with the team today.

Kudos to a real student of the market, and thank you.

How about Cg and her DX?


Stress is a known factor in illness. I was a prime candidate recently, and I didn’t disappoint myself. I am not a sickly person, but let’s just say that there are several known triggers, and loss of a dear personal friend like Kenny recently added to my lowered resistance to infection.

Happy Birthday Ken; he would have been 68 today.

One of my favorite memories of Kenny was when we built a Ropes course for the kids. It was hard work, and funds were limited. We did a lot of the grunt work ourselves, got donations from a few well heeled anonymous patrons, and did the best we could. Used, but usable Ropes were donated by a local shipyard.

Inch by inch.


Uncle Bob and I had the honor of being a pall bearer for Ken right before Christmas.

Lately Kenny had said to me often: “Your Health is your Wealth”.

How true.


Bob has been showcased here before, and continues to be an inspiration for those of us who want to live a life full of friends, and love, and laughter.

He is also vacationing in Naples right now, so we had drinks the other night.

If you want true wealth, find a few good friends to enjoy the journey with is all I can say.


Happy New Year’s All.

Start wherever you are, write down your dreams, your goals, your plans, try again.


We try to empower traders to take control of their own destiny. Study, hard work, patience, discipline, a bit of capital.

Belief in oneself is something we each must bring to the table…

Just do it.


No Hurry, …No worry Market.

The market is Technically speaking.

Deciding on the chart in play.

Rotation, a classic masterpiece.

Dump, then grind higher.


RT @eminiwizard: love your work Awais well done #EMWS // Thanks :)

It costs us nothing to compliment another professional trader.


Our students who were at the seminar today: remember what happens if someone gives us a smile? A shove?

In the Conclusion to ‘Walden’, Thoreau writes, “If a man loses pace with his companions, perhaps it is because he hears a different drummer. Let him step to the music which he hears, however measured, or far away.”

Find our own rhythm in life, and march to the beat of that drummer. It makes all the difference.

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