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Image: “Arouse the mind without resting it on anything.” 
- Diamond Sutra

If our leg is injured, we may temporarily need to lean on a pair of crutches to help us through our period of convalescence. In time, we then need to learn how to walk on our own again without the use of this artificial means of support.

Blindly following in the footsteps of others (even if they are so-called “experts”) is a sure path to mediocrity. It is a mental “crutch” that we can easily become too dependent upon.

We can study their concepts and methodologies, learn from their experiences, and absorb their knowledge. Successful living, however, requires that we need to build upon their insights by doing our own critical thinking, which allows us to discover our own great truths.

Emerson has stated that there is a “super-conscious mind” of knowledge, and that the great composers and artists in history have intuitively learned how to tap into this vast wealth of ideas.

Why not sit by yourself and trust the thoughts that come to you in moments of quietness?

All you need is one great idea and it will change your life.

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