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Image: “Two people can do the work of three.”

Should we go it alone, or should we join forces with a partner? This question often arises in business, as well as in life’s relationships.

We all know and understand the importance of being an “individual” and doing the best we can with our own ability. Meshing our talents with someone else is usually more complicated.

Combining our strengths with that of others, however, allows us to be stronger than we were by ourselves.

Concrete is a good example. It is strong in one direction, weak in another. Contractors have learned to compensate for this by combining it with steel. “Rebar,” as it is called, has the opposite characteristics of concrete. Together, rebar and concrete create a stronger footing for towering structures.

Another example occurs when thin components are woven together into an exponentially stronger finished product– such as in rope or wire. OSB plywood has been a huge commercial success. Scraps of wood “glued” together under pressure are stronger than regular sheaths of plywood.

Financially sophisticated hedge fund managers combine investments with different characteristics to mitigate risk.

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