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…We do have 10,000 + years, don’t we?

You’ll need a few of those minutes for this one…

I’d like to believe it will be time well spent.

If you come away dazed and confused, no worries.


Benny reminds me that there are multiple ways to experience life.  We can learn from all of the people we meet along the way, whether young or old.

Jim has passed on, but his legacy endures as his words continue to inspire me.

I have found Meaning in The Book of Owen. I am sometimes over ambitious, and hope to finish that project one day. Sometimes started is half-done; but finishing the detail work is not easy.

Many well-meant projects are never completed, but I take comfort in that I am in good company. The great genius has given little ol’ me  an out, an excuse if I want to use him as my measuring stick.

The pressure is off at my age, but genius is not bound by time.

Commencement is the art of discovering what new and exciting things we want to do with our life.


I have found that having a sense of Humor eases the burden along the way, doesn’t it?

The House of the Rising Son gets to us sometimes, then the other side gets us, doesn’t it?

So I am going to holler with the sinners, and sing with the Saints.

How ’bout you?

Whatever we do, let’s belt out a tune, and let our voice be heard.

Doing our own thing is the hardest thing to do…

If you’re having a hard time seeing it…

borrow someone else’s I’s.

One of the best (actually Two) is Roy’s. He left his first smudge on me on page 188.

(Remembering that age old admonition to keep thine eye single… not quite sure it works for those in love.)

As a graduate of a pendulum class, I plan on borrowing Roy’s glasses.


Well, I’ve got one foot on the platform,

the other foot on the Train…

still not much luck,

… trying to break the ball and chain.

Ready to go…

…  but not yet.


Love is timeless… and so is the symphony of our voices.

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