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Chapter Three, Book Two.

Who can say it better than Jim Rohn?

Simple, powerful, accurate.

If Jennifer were to ask me: “If you were on an island, what voice would you want to hear?”

Without hesitation, “Jim Rohn”. Maybe Tom Hanks would be another, as he reminds me of Wilson. John C. Maxwell, or someone else from our Mentors certainly.

Probably NOT Freddie or Fannie though.

Ali, would definitely say, (in her best imititation of Owen Meany): USE THE NEW SOCIAL MEDIA TOOLS.

My response for our business of course is predicatable: “That’s what I expect you to do. I’m still learning how to program my VCR.”

Teamwork, that’s what it’s all about.

Listen to a few voices regarding the business of investing.

Those marching ants are going to need a lot of shoes, so try Toms on for size.

And let’s all maintain a sense of humor and keep things in perspective. After all, it is pretty funny that the comedians are now dispensing more poignant financial advice than the experts:

Ben Stein on Fox

Stewart on Cramer


There’s a lot of chatter out there. Who’s voice are you listening to?

You are most certainly listening to your own; what do you say to yourself?


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