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Chapter Four, Book Two.

“Human nature will not flourish, any more than a potato, if it be planted and replanted, for too long a series of generations, in the same worn-out soil.” – Nathanial Hawthorne

“If you would be wealthy, Study wealth” said Jim Rohn.

Brian Tracy gives us specific advice.

Anthony Robbins, an icon in the self help industry, is also worth studying.

Read books. Michael Lebeouf is great in my opinion. So is Richard Machowicz., a navy seal who suggests we unleash the warrior within us.

As a teacher, I learned the whole part whole method of instruction.

See the big picture, break it down into parts, put it back together again.

We started with the whole picture, and that is confusing. That’s why life is hard to figure out. Now we are breaking this story up into pieces, and then we will be putting it back together for you.

Not everyone will agree on ideas; we have to sort them out and do our own investigations to determine “our own truth”.

Money is a highly emotional, charged issue. It is hard to understand and put into context. We will be doing that as we continue, but let’s go step by step, as the whole-part-whole (WPW) method suggests.

Any self-respecting student of economics should visit a miserly man like Ludwig.

Seeds must be planted early and nurtured carefully if they are going to bear fruit. Don Miller, a man of action and accomplishment, continually reminds us of that key principle through this post.

I hope you will investigate these extra-ordinary people and their ideas.

Jack Canfield suggests that we find mentors that are already doing what we want to do and attempt to learn from them.  Their enormously successful Chicken Soup for the Soul Series was a product of that kind of thinking.

Be assertive yet respectful seeking the assistance of those people; they have their challenges and needs too, and if they are unreceptive, don’t be a stalker. Move on and find others who see your vision and are willing to support your dreams.

If you surround yourself with enough of the right “mentors”, and your plan is sound, you will find a hero or two who will help.

All you need is one good idea, one hero or Angel who will help. Then along will come another, and another.

Weeds are like that too; neglect to pull them as Jim says, and they will overtake the garden.

Lucy, George,: Make no mistake that Jim was also referring to our Mental Gardens as well.

Where would Paul Potts or Susan Boyle be if they tried once or twice and gave up?

Review some of the positive thinkers in our library like Norman Vincent Peale, or Robert Schuller, John C Maxwell, or Roy H Williams.

When you run into obstacles, and you will often, commit to your dreams. Pay particular attention to what you find interesting in your playful years around 8 to 10 years old; they provide valuable clues as to some seeds that lie within you.

Remember, age has nothing to do with it; Susan showed us that, and so does Shaheen Jafargholi .


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