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Chapter Four.

Lucy and George, I know you cant read yet, but someday you will. I hope you will take the time to read this story about Owen Meany.


Wizardzofwealth started as my way of  capturing important concepts I have learned and sharing these ideas with your mommies and anyone else who wanted to listen.

Since I may be old and “forgetful” (it happens), I thought this was a good way of preserving these thoughts.

Today there is so much information and entertainment, however, competing for your attention that I am not sure you will ever get to read this, but I do it anyways.

In books and schools, many times ideas are categorized into neat little boxes. Organized thinking does have its merits, as it allows for logic and rational thinking to build on itself.

I have found, however, that the tinkerers and experimenters and leaders of the world think outside those boxes.

For your convenience today, I will arrange a few ideas in neat little boxes, although in life you will need to learn to do this for yourself.

There are many important things we could talk about, but we have featured what we think are important topics at our site.

This week’s lesson is about personal growth. Last week we focused on small business, but you will soon discover that many ideas are inter-twined in life.

Jim Rohn: “If you want to be healthy, study health; if you want to be wealthy, study wealth.”

This site is dedicated to the backbone of building personal wealth by integrating the thoughts and actions of wealthy people into our own lives.

Businesses and governments are failing today at a rapid rate, I believe, because they are violating the same principles that apply to us as individuals. They are not immune to the Laws of Wealth.

Here are some ideas to start you thinking, and more will be suggested as we continue. You may want to study these following people. Remember, we get what we focus on in life. Winners focus on expanding their belief in themselves and developing their talents, while average people and losers focus on things that are outside their control, like politicians and our government.

Meaning in life

 Viktor Frankl


Helping others in need


 The Power of Focus


 Cory Miller

Personal Finance



Jack Canfield


 Timothy Sykes

Small Business

 Fast Company

Personal Growth


Laws of Wealth

 Og Mandino

Owen Meany


Simon Cowell: So does Paul Potts

If we are to grow, we need to use our own natural talents, confidence, and focus.

The Mandelbrot set explains it.

So did Mushashi when he said: The big and the small are the same.

If ever there were a poster child for personal growth, it would have to consider Paul Potts as a front runner, and an inspiration for the boiling Susan. Most “over night sensations”  take about 17 years to fiinally make it. Keep trying.

Headline News

Bill O’Reilly

Owen Meany Blog
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