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Time out. Apologies to all my readers. A very good friend of mine told me he enjoys my posts but he told me that he was confused by my Owen Meany Blog. I try not to be obtuse, but also have learned to accept responsibility. So let me provide you with the same insights I gave him, and then you are on your own again.
Owen Meany is a great book, written by John Irving. I rarely read fiction but my daughter Jennifer, an expert on Books, suggested it. I accept expert opinion as a shortcut in life, and then decide for myself if I agree with their opinion.
My family has been introduced to you, just as John Irving has introduced his characters to us.
I have included the “cliff notes” version of the book, and each chapter will have a theme built around the summary of a chapter in the book.
Several support “books” follow each chapter summary.
The intent is to weave the various themes of our site into the story line, and refer readers deeper into our site, so that they may discover some of the “timeless” values and principles that we have identified.
Two separate areas of our site have not yet been built: Personal finance, and Contribution, that’s why those themes show up.
Owen Meany sort of makes sense when you connect the dots at the end of the story.
Hopefully, my story will as well.
If you have not read the book, or need a refresher, this article, and this one will be helpful.
I believe we are at a very profound crossroad in America today.
That article best describes my current philosophy, and articulates it far better than I can. It is why, although this may not be “the bottom yet” in stocks, it certainly answers a reader’s post about buying stocks now or at least thinking contra to the general population. Jim Rohn’s ant philosophy, which is featured in an upcoming post, supports that thought.
This is not a protest about war, although it could be..
It is not a protest about religion, although it could be.
This is not meant to attack any political ideology, party, or administrator, although it could.
It is not meant to be a complaint about the loss of our wealth and money and things, although it could be.
In Mentoring Meany, you may have missed a key thought.
By the way Senators,  this series isn’t about how unfair life is. Its about staying true to ourselves and our values.
Another key thought I toss out to you in Mentored by an Angel:
Mandelbrot: The big and the small, they are one and the same.
Can you connect dot one and two?
Can the principles that apply to us as individuals be violated as a collection of individuals and result in success?
Can Lucy be woven into our story?
What and how will we teach her?
I am trying to live my philosophy, and present to anyone who will listen ideas for building a successful life. I also accept 100% responsibility for what happens to me, and if I can pass on a few things I have learned along the way to Lucy and to others, then this blog is time well spent.
Chris, one of our team members, suggested a great model for our business. It is based on this philosophy.
So we offer what we think are good ideas for our readers.
It’s that simple.
I can assure you, even if you don’t understand this, that I have put more time, thought, and effort into this series than any of my other work.
I believe it will be worth it.
I appreciate your question, because it keeps me grounded and tells me that I may be missing my mark.
It’s hard to put it in context without following the links provided.
You can’t connect dots unless you see them.
Everyone has a different perspective on life, based on their experiences, so see things differently
One of the shortest blogs I ever wrote, but in my mind, one of the most powerful.
We have stayed true to our values throughout the evolution of our site.
I hope that clarifies our story for you. Now we can continue.
Owen Meany Blog
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