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Jim Rohn, in his classic work Challenge to Succeed in the 90’s, discusses the Five Major Pieces of the Life Puzzle. There is no better place to start your own process of self-improvement than by exploring this exceptional material. Do yourself a favor and get hold of this book for your personal library. Learn from and live by it.

The sum of your knowledge, intellect, intuition, learning and education comprise who you are.

How you feel about yourself, everyone else, your emotional energy, beliefs and desires to succeed and accepting responsibility for your success form your attitude.

What you DO – in concrete measurable steps – provides you with the necessary feedback to keep moving in the right direction.

The name of the game – the scorecard of Life.

Remember to weave your results into a life of joy for you and your loved ones.

You will always get what you’ve got by doing what you’ve done. Become the kind of person who attracts and learns how to recognize and capitalize on opportunities by working harder on yourself.

The Law of Increase says “To be, have or do more, we have to become more.” Resolve today that you will never give up on your journey to financial freedom.

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