Image: You snooze, you lose

Simply put, the danger of the comfort zone is losing your edge — and becoming satisfied with mediocrity.

Once we get too complacent and comfortable, we refuse to take on any more risks in life. Like the turtle, we never make any forward progress until we stick our neck out a little.

How do we let this happen? Why?

Fear — of change within ourselves and of changing without our friends.

When we embrace the philosophy of survival, comfort, leisure and wisdom, it’s necessary to understand there are no limits to our ability to continue enjoying more of life.

Just as we need to work hard, we also expect to play hard. And we also need to rest. The problem is resting too long. We need to accept it as a temporary condition and then continue our journey according to our dreams, goals and plans.

We will often find ourselves out of sync with our friends who do not share the same passion for self-improvement as we do. That’s when we need the Power of our Vision to give us the discipline to get back on track, with or without the comfort and safety net of our friends.

Sometimes it is a lonely trail that each of us must choose to walk.

Do not doubt yourself. And do not give up.

“Eagles don’t flock together, you have to find them one at time.”
– Ross Perot

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