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Chapter Three, Book Four.

Steven Covey is an example of a highly sophisticated business Mentor and Personal coach.

His 7 Habits of Highly Effective People is a masterpiece that has inspired a generation.

Today was tax day. Thousands of protestors around the nation had their VOICE heard today.

As much as we agree with them, I am also aware that it is more important that I am working on myself, as Mr Covey suggests.

Owen Meany  is a dwarfish individual, who doesn’t quite fit into our narcissistic society.

Who does?

He reminds us that this blog is not about fighting the government but about finding ourselves.

Susan was Boiling hot, but despite lacking the confidence and “look” of the modern day entertainer, she had the courage to let her voice be heard.

She was willing to stretch for greatness.

Will you?


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