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Chapter One.

Perhaps technology is getting a little ahead of itself, but we sure have made progress.

More to come, I would imagine.

Yesterday my wife was online; she had a 10 minute chat with one of our nieces, paid some bills, did a video goodnight with grandson George, did some online trading, searched for some real estate, and connected via Facebook with a high school classmate who she hasn’t seen in a number of years.

No wonder Mark Zuckerberg is wealthy at 23 years old.

Social networking is sweeping the country (world), allowing us to connect with others, whether for entertainment or business.

Personally, I use the Internet mostly for business, especially finance. One of my favorite sites is Minyanville. There is a lot of good information there about a variety of educational topics and since they ave already done a lot of homework, why not leverage off that?

Speaking of leverage, have you discovered alphainventions yet?

I read somewhere that no one is reading blogs, since everyone is too busy writing their own or chatting online at the new nets. Certainly is true around here,but that’s OK.

IF Owen Meany were blogging, it would have sounded like this: I AM HAPPY TO HAVE FOUND YOU AFTER ALL THESE YEARS. HOW ARE YOU DOING?

You will just have to read the story.

Senator Joe Lieberman and I corresponded by email the other day. I rarely discuss politics, and I have learned to separate the man from his politics or religion.

I like Joe; he had the courage to do what most will never be able to do: Think for himself and vote his conscience, with complete disregard for his own political future.

This is the article that prompted me to sign a petition to Joe, among some of our other legislators.

Mr. Lieberman was kind enough to respond.

He invited me to see what he is doing to help; so I asked him if he would like to see what I am doing and invited him here. No ranting or raving or shouting here by me; Pop taught me well about manners.

If he comes, at least two of us reading this blog.

Evidently I am a friend of Senator Dodd, as he also replied.

WordPress is a fabulous tool. They have a great mentoring system in their forums. Others who have already had similar problems record their solutions and we get to learn from their experience. Saves  a lot of time for me.

My wife has even taught me how to ask for directions at a gas station when I am driving and get lost. (Haven’t gotten around to that GPS thing yet).

If I had to pick one author who represents the essence of Blogging, it would have to be Roy H. Williams. He is a man’s man when it comes to putting it all together. HE NEVER TALKS LIKE YOU KNOW WHO. Yet, his powerful messages have such depth of thinking and meaning that I feel as if a cyclone is in my head after I finish with his rabbit hole.

Seth Godin comes to mind when I think of small business, but there are many, many outstanding professionals who we can learn from if our Business GPS is working. My daughter Ali suggested I learn from him, and I took her advice. Ali gets to work from home shortly, as her first child should be born in a few weeks. Stay tuned for the Lucy show.

We are all about personal growth. In my mind, one of the best tools for self-growth is google.Talk about a GPS for anything, these guys have done it big.

No wonder they are wealthy.

They adhere to so many of our Laws of Wealth that it’s scary.

One of our next Profiles of Doers, Ning also seems to be doing it right.

No lack of opportunity anywhere, is there?

Daughter Jennifer works for a major publishing firm in NYC. She has a great job and is an expert on books.

“If you were stranded on an island, what book what you want with you?” I asked her one day.

Without hesitation she replied: “Owen Meany.” “Life of Pi” is also one of my favorites”, she continued.

I brought Owen along with me to Martha’s Vineyard that summer. His shouting was a welcome break from the 99% diet of non-fiction business books that I usually read.

Jennifer’s son George is our first grandchild, and now 2 and 1/2, he is certainly growing up in a different world than the one I grew up in.

In No Country I first mention Pop, who passed away two years ago this week at 87 years young. I told him I hoped he would never have to go through another depression.

Guess he figured out a way to avoid that.



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