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Usually we discuss financial wealth at this site. Today we will explore another area. If you are uninterested in your spiritual side, feel free to come back next week for a visit.

I was thinking of my father the other day as I walked out of the theatre having just seen No Country for Old Men.

Ed Tom Bell: “It starts when you begin to overlook bad manners. Anytime you quit hearing ‘Sir’ and ‘ma’am’, the end is pretty much in sight.”

Some movies leave me scratching my head in wonder for awhile, but not this one.

Nostalgia sometimes distorts the reality of our past. I am afraid that this movie probably sums up the erosion of the values of the past generation and provides insight into the direction that we are evolving fairly accurately.

Although at this site we are not supporting any particular theology, on a personal level the old man that runs this organization has helped me with my moral compass for over 20 years now. (I am not being disrespectful, as I am qualified as an old man myself.)

It is possible to experience wealth on the financial level while being spiritually bankrupt; I hope to never find myself in that situation.

If you have a few extra minutes, come join our party at Two Forty-Two so that I can introduce you to another old man who had a major influence on my life. If you really have nothing to do today, then go here to hear what I said about him.

P.S. If you see someone driving around town for a few days in a polished 89 burgundy Caprice Classic, that will be me.

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