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It’s a miracle!

The 155 passengers and crew on US Airlines flight 1549 escaped tragedy Thursday as their plane made an emergency landing in the frigid Hudson river shortly after takeoff.

I prefer to accept IBD’s viewpoint, and think that those on board were saved by the competence, skill, and poise under pressure that Captain “Sully” exhibited.

He’s a modern day Hero.

We tend to think that there is safety in numbers, and behave as a herd.

Look where that got us with our home prices, job security, and collective investments.

Sully’s performance could not be guaranteed, of course, but he was prepared, and took responsible action; what a role model for all the hand-wringers and woe-is-me gloom and doom crowd.

Every single passenger on that flight escaped the grasp of the icy waters of the Hudson because of the heroic actions of one person, and his companion in the cockpit.

Taking responsibility for our own life is the foundation of our belief system at wizardZ of wealth.

Whatever it is you were called to do, be about it while the opportunity is there.

Years from now the butterfly effect will unfold, with now unforeseeable consequences of the actions of the survivors, including baby 1549.

Bring your best game to the table, and share your gifts and talents with others.

As Sully has shown us, one person does make a difference.




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