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Image: Are you for real, or just a dream?

October is nearly over, and we are waiting for the Autumn Leaves to show us their beauty and splendor.


It didn’t take long  for critics to be silenced.

Turning down offers in the $200,000,000. range seems to put to rest a question of a player’s self-confidence, doesn’t it?


Albert wrote himself into the record books last night, with a display of professionalism and class.

His Power and laser -like focus were showcased well beyond the halls of the show-me state.


My Pop always said to us as we were growing up : “Keep your mouth shut and Let your Bat do the Talking”.


Pujols’ bat did the talking in the 16-7  world series romp.

Mr October, move over.


Because the gifted first baseman has the ability to put a good many balls out of the park, he also has the ability to put a lot of  butts in the stadium and in front of TV’s.

That makes him worth every penny he will get when he allows teams to bid for his services at the end of this season.


Louisville Slugger

What are your unique gifts and talents?

Are you just another commodity, or are you good enough to command whatever you want?


Mom celebrated her 90th Birthday with us yesterday.

Surrounded by her church friends, her family, and loved ones, including five great grandchildren, she also has shown another side of wealth: Health, faith, nurturing others, and respect for family values.

She doesn’t just talk about it. She shows us daily with her acts of kindness.

Thank you Mom.


The economy has been laboring along, with no end in sight for a rebound. I still believe we are not out of the woods yet, but optimism is required if we are going to rebuild our once great nation and our own financial accounts.

The ability to generate income and retain it to build long term wealth is what we focus on at wizardzofwealth.com

If you want to be a commercial success, put people’s butts in lots of seats. If you want to be a success with your family, help them get out of theirs and motivate them to do something.


Regularly re-inventing ourselves is a necessity in today’s world.

We have recently lost keyboard geniuses and Superstars like Steve and Louis Wertz.

They illuminate the path for any would be followers: Just Do it.


My wife has been a long time cardinal fan. With the implosion of the Fenway follies, according to our family custom, I had to root for St Louis.

Way to go, Cards.

Now remember, it’s nothing-nothing. More work to do…


Stop dreaming, and swing your bat, at whatever game you have decided to play…

Time waits for no one.

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