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Jose, can you see?

Can you hear? Can you speak?


What’s worth saying?


I was taking my morning walk recently, and my route took me past the corner of Benham and Lane.

Not into biking, although many people are.

Evidently advanced robotics is the norm for Junior High School these days.


Lined up sideways, and spaced approximately 2 feet apart, were 3 boys and a co-ed probably aged 14  through 16.

I walked by, and noticed a peculiarity.

Boy #1 was fixated on his shoes.

Boy # 2 was talking on a cell phone.

Girl #1 was staring blankly straight ahead.

Boy # 3 had on earphones an an ipod.


None of them said anything to each other or to me when I greeted them with “Hello”.


It’s the end of the school year, and presumably this is how they have spent their time this year waiting for the bus.


The sound of silence… so loud, it’s deafening.


Pop was adamant that we get a good education, and worked hard to make sure that we got one. Things we took for granted, were luxuries to him. Running water, central heat, and automobiles fall into that category.

Thanks for your sacrifices Pop.

He was “one of the guys”, and knew how to unwind and get along with others. Like so many in his generation, the war took a lot out of him, and his dream was to live a peaceful co-existence with his past.


Now and then we got to play Ferriss Beuhler and take a ride with him to work. He met with clients (he was in the insurance business; now you know why I missed biking to Franconia Notch), while my brother and I read comic books in the car. When he was done for the morning, we got to eat some big subs for lunch and drank coke while he talked about his day.

He was  fairly quiet, as were many in that generation, and he had difficulty expressing his emotions. Although he was stingy with the L word, we knew he loved us.

My dad taught me about Lions and Tigers and Bears.


I hope I will be remembered by my kids and grandchildren for passing on some of these wealthy ideas. One thing I know they will be sure about; I tell them I love them every time I see them.


Happy Father’s Day Pop, and to Poppy too. My father in law also had a profound affect on me, and both of these men taught me about values, strength of character, and the Power of humbleness.

Happy Father’s Day also to my great son-in-laws, and to their obvious love and devotion to their children.


Speak softly, and carry a big stick.


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