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Relax your mind.

Emotions run high when we talk politics.

The Obama Health care situation is a good example.

Bill O”reilly says the real issue is freedom.

I agree.

We as individuals cannot be financially free when saddled with debt, and neither can a collection of individuals in a “country”.


Developing life skills is important. That means a feeling that we can take care of ourselves, no matter what.

That “feeeling” is an attitude, a state of mind. It is only partially true, of course, but the battle for the mind, the will to win, is important to strip away all delusions and pretense and get to the heart of the matter…our results.


Those who would defend the idealogy that we are “Americans” and must be right, have to at least consider that other religions and cultures have the right to their viewpoint.

The Bias that we bring to our thoughts and actions, will in the end prove to each of us the quality of life that we have enjoyed.

Socialism, Fascism, or Communism has not proven to be any more effective than capitalism, yet it seems we are headed down that path for awhile.

Funny money makes it hard to compare our standard of living. Our first house was bought for $21,900. It is now bargain priced at only $275,000 , after the present owner has not been able sell it at the original asking price of $325,000.


March is ushered in with bone-chilling winds in the North East. I remember my dad, and though he left us three years ago, the pain is easing and his gentle spirit remains with me.

We celebrated Lucy’s first birthday this past week.

The bittersweet paradox of  life continues.


Pop used to talk about one of the commanders in the army named “Howlin Mad.”

I believe our name and the image it conjures up in us is important; there is a psychology to it.


Can’t we all just get along?


I am Christian and celebrate Easter. Today being Palm Sunday, it is a significant milestone in our walk of faith.

For our Jewish friends, Passover is near.


My two best friends are Jewish and attached by an umbilical cord that stretches back to 1970, when I first met them through work.  Who can explain that loyalty and friendship? Forged through the process of being part of a team,we were all made stronger through the contributions of our unique talents and gifts.

I am still trying to identify mine.

Bob knew how to bring out the best in people. He was howling mad one time… he fired Kenny and me ; we were only giving 100% effort and he wanted 120%. That was a lesson well learned for all of us.

Kenny has an incredible ability to connect at a deep level with anyone. He is a man of character, and we worked and played together as teachers, administrators, friends. Ken helped me to break down barriers and reach out to people, no matter how different they are from me.

We all still talk on the phone regularly.

Shalom to both of you and your family.


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