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As any red-blooded American male knows, today is Super Sunday in Tampa.

The Cards and the Steelers will decide who deserves the bragging rights for the next year.

The key to victory?

Superior Coaching? Powerful Quarterback? Blazing speed in a running back?

All helpful offensive weapons.

The experts, however, usually agree on this: A smothering defense.

If defense wins the Super Bowl ring, perhaps it’s a lesson we should apply to daily living.

Offense is bringing in the income. Our financial house is never in order if there is no income. We need to be creative in finding legal new ways of producing it, especially if we are suddenly thrust out of work.

That’s why there is so much concern in the economy right now. Jobs are being lost rapidly, and that means lost income. Lost income means less taxes and income for government. More companies out of work means more unoccupied commercial space. Poor risk assessment regarding loans and banks close.

Not a pretty picture.

Defense is building Noah’s ark ahead of the storm. It is reducing expenses, and putting together a war chest of cash to see us through troubling times.

It is putting our house in order, and if it’s not, then abandoning it and starting over with a more refined plan, applying the lessons learned.

It is reducing expenses, so we can get by with less income until we create more. Analyze every expenditure, and eliminate the one’s that are least supportive of our survival and growth.

It is having the vision to see beyond the immediate situation, to recognize the transient nature of our present circumstances, to make a plan, while knowing that those plans will be disrupted by life.

We need to take action anyways.

We need to find the champion in ourselves.

Difficult? You bet.

Impossible? No.

Did you read about the elderly gentleman who recently perished when his heat was turned down? It was more a case of having dementia rather than not enough money to pay his utility bills.

Family is a form of defense; we check on our loved ones to make sure they are alright, and if not, we help them out. This tragedy could have been avoided by better defense.

Wealth cannot come before comfort, and comfort cannot be a priority before survival.

Whatever stage we find our self in, we need to outgrow it to advance ourselves.

Acquiring new skills, maintaining our mindset that we can get whatever we want in life, and surrounding our self with a team of professionals who are committed to success is the key to our future.

It’s Sunday. Take the day to rest and rejuvenate, as the scriptures tell us.

Then attack on Monday with a great offense, and a smothering defense.

Make sure you’re on the right playing field.

And remember to plant the bamboo tree.



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