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Life takes some unusual twists and turns.

At least it seems that way.

We follow our own path, sometimes follow others, and most of the time get confused by the many intersections encountered.

On the journey, we read the signposts, look at our maps,  and try to use our GPS as best as we can.

Now and then we ask the question: “Are we there yet?”

I am as confused as you are, believe me.

All I know is that there are others who are asking the same questions, and it is my belief that as long as we our still breathing, we are not done yet, no matter how old we are.

Once a week I recharge my batteries, looking for ideas “out there”, and then try to incorporate those thoughts into something that helps me with the daily challenges of living.

There are no easy answer; in fact sometimes I think there are more questions than answers.

We shall see what lies ahead.

Bill O’Reilly sees trouble in Paradise.

I am optimistic by nature, but must confess, have become more cynical as we have been confronted by the realities of life.

Financial freedom is a worthy goal, but in that pursuit we cannot desert our values, our families, our sense of community… the opportunities to serve others and to find out what our larger ¬†purpose is in life.

Summer is over, but still fishing…

…and trying to find voices of inspiration out there.

  • Posted by: Dennis Parmelee | September 28th, 2009

    As usual, Roy is on his game.


    He is one of the true geniuses of marketing in the modern day world. I was in Ikea yesterday; the expert who engineered that floor plan is another.

    They both seem to know what we want or need in life, the two not necessarily being the same.

    Don’t forget to click on the photo to go down the rabbit hole.

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