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Further developing a theme we have talked about previously, let us acknowledge the emotional conflict and pain we confront in the reality of our daily lives.

Bills need to be paid, there is not enough income, taxes are due, and of course college costs and retirement funding are looming.

Oh yes, I forgot to mention the rising prices of gas, oil, food, health care, and for some unlucky people, the one-armed bandit, otherwise referred to as the adjustable rate mortgage.

If you are in a “reasonably sound” financial position, however, then you may want to consider the benefits of sharing your good fortune with those who need your help.

Authors like Harv T Eker and Wallace Wattles agree on the boost in your own feelings of self-worth when you help others. Perhaps Jim Rohn has summed it up best: “The problem is not that the price is too high, the problem is YOU can’t afford it.”

We will continue to talk some more about the power of belief and the power of giving. For now, please consider sharing your good fortune with someone like Frankie.

It may be selfish, but in a way you are helping yourself as much as you are helping him.

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