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 Well, I guess nothing lasts forever.

The Yankee dynasty ended abruptly, with a few power shots out of nowhere.

It’s the season of change, memorably first initiated by none other than our current President.

But let’s remember he didn’t create the problem…


Many times the old is discarded for the new, in expectation of better results. Trying to get my mind around that one.

I just was taking my walk, enjoying the beautiful foliage that is a treasure for the eyes this time of year. A week from now that opportunity will be gone.

Liz Dooley had a dog kennel at her tag sale that was just what I was looking for… perfect size for travel for two cats…as long as they get along with each other. The $150 crate was advertised for $15; I paid $10 and the seller and myself were both happy.


My wife knows my love for architecture. She put this article in front of me, and she was right; I was captivated by the engineering of the new bridge near the HooveR dam.


I was saddened to read another article she filtered for my perusal. Evidently the Schuller dynasty, like so many victims of the current economy, has run into financial hard times.

The family had a falling out, and Robert, the son who was appointed Senior Pastor, left the fold. The siblings and their spouses, though not ordained, are evidently on the board of directors, and have taken over the past two years. Father and son had a difference in vision, and evidently the board of directors have thrown some rocks that have shattered the glass .

This 50 year old institution that I have admired and respected for two decades is now under Chapter 11 Bankruptcy protection.

I can imagine the tension during SundayDinner.

I remember reading a quote a long time ago: ” No success in business can compensate for failure in the home.”

Institutions are not immune  to the laws of wealth.

Countries are also subject to these same laws.


 The structural integrity of the new dam is built into the bedrock ; houses built on sand rarely survive when rain falls and the strong winds blow.


Jack Frost just around the corner…

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