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Do you know anyone who has been playing a sport like Golf for a long time, without showing much improvement? They invest in the latest new equipment, take lessons, hit balls for hours on the practice tee, and yet continue to “play to their handicap”.

Many of our Mentors refer to this phenomenon of how we often imprison ourselves, holding our results captive by the shackles of our thinking.

Zig Ziglar calls it “Stinkin Thinkin”.

Roy Williams sees it as a “glass ceiling”.

Success trainer Brain Tracy sees it as the limiting beliefs of our self-image.

And related to Money, the outstanding author Harv T. Eker describes this by page 2 in his Secrets of the Millionaire Mind as “our financial blueprint”.

As The Grandfather of the self-help classics Napoleon Hill tells us in his Think and Grow Rich,It is unlikely that we will ever manifest success in the real world without first visualizing it over and over in our inner world.

Reading about this concept will make us aware of the problem. It is up to each of us however, to smash the imaginary barriers that hold us back from getting all that we want out of life by taking repeated action towards our definite purpose.

As the wonderful Nike brand suggests, Just do it.



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