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Wealth appears in many forms, and it surely will come to us if we are open to receive it.

One of the most precious gifts of all, is the gift of hope.

Out of the mouths of children, we are sometimes presented with such treasures.

Linus has said it more succinctly and eloquently than any philosopher could ever express this simple truth. To all of us, the gift of hope for our future, rather than being held captive as a prisoner of our past, is available.

There are presents to wrap, trees to trim, and baking and chores to be done.

One of the season’s pleasures, however, is to slow down and spend time with our family. It’s a choice we make of what’s important to us, to create family values that will last a lifetime, to enjoy the goodness of life, whether we are a 10 year old or a child of 80.

In all of the pain, in all of the heartache, in all of the uncertainty of these challenging economic times, remember that “this too shall pass”. Don’t give our difficulties any energy, and let them go. Focus on solutions.

As a Christian, I celebrate Christmas. The beauty of our country is having the freedom to express our choices, as long as it does no harm to others. Our website is non-denominational, and we are open to all.

One of my treasures is George, and Peanut will be another. This one’s for them. (If the song is missing scroll down the list and key in key  in “here with us” by joy williams).

Whatever your faith, all of us at wizardZofwealth wish you Happy Holidays and Season’s Greetings.

  • Posted by: Chris Jason | December 29th, 2008

    This year I went to see the Radio City Christmas Spectacular in New York City. What an excellent show, and it definitely makes you realize how great a season this is and how important family is. It’s easy to forget with all the responsibilities we have, so anything that can take your mind off of the “rat race” and put you in the moment, even if just for 2 hours, is something worth seeing. Happy Holidays to all!

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