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My wife and I enjoy having a drink in the evening. Not excessively mind you, but a glass of wine with dinner. We always find something to celebrate.

We have toasted my Dad who passed away 6 months ago, remembering the many occasions we would get together and spend some time with him while we had the opportunity. He missed his 89th birthday by two weeks, and we miss him terribly.

George, our first grandchild, and less than a year old, gets toasted often as you might expect. If he knew it he would probably become spoiled rotten.

We recently raised our glass and toasted the marriage of two good friends of ours. We wished them well, hoping they will someday celebrate a life of happiness together, similar to our own nearly 40 years of matrimony.

Although life is not easy, we constantly look for the positives, even though we know we are surrounded by negatives as well. Contrasts seem to be a paradox that we all must resolve in our own way.

We also toasted relatives who had a fabulous closing on their home, enjoying a windfall profit because of the strategic location of their property. It was a win-win situation for them and the wealthy entrepreneur who made the purchase.

Who knows,tonight we may raise a glass in your honor, that whatever your hopes, your dreams, your plans may have come true.

The beautiful and wonderfully lazy days of summer will soon come to an end, and we need to jump back into our passions with energy and enthusiasm if we are going to be celebrating our own success.

Go for it.

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