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Jack and Morgan showed us how its done, now its our turn.

Why wait? If you are in a hurry, this website has a lot of entrepreneurs trying to help each other with the fast track. Check them out, you may find a few kindred spirits there.

Whatever you do, never forget to do your due diligence to help avoid scams before you invest your time or money.

Time to refocus on this year’s accomplishments, as well as our report card for “needs improvement”. Then, time to address next year’s goals, plans, dreams, education and resources we will need to make progress and move us in the right direction.

Most of all, we need to identify the ACTIONS we will have to take to continue our journey, and then jump in with both feet.

The buckets don’t have to be limited to the “10 things we want to do before we die”. We can expand them to anything of our choosing, including people to help, contributions to the needy, family members to help, being kind to strangers list, personal growth lists, books to read, businesses to start, kids to mentor, and just about anything else that is meaningful to us individually.

It goes without saying that anyone serious about creating financial wealth should detail income goals as well, and in writing.

Have you experienced joy, or brought it to others as Morgan asked Jack? Although our site focuses on the financial aspects of our lives, we can never minimize the inter-twining of other important areas of our selves as Big Bucks author Ken Blanchard suggests.

As an entrepreneur, we should be continually asking ourselves THE basic question: Are we building pipelines or carrying buckets? Diane Kennedy has some interesting thoughts on our precious 80/20 rule, and it behooves us all to keep asking ourselves the hard questions that need to be asked.

Sometimes we are stuck, as if in a trance, like zombies, and held back by our associations with others.

Dr. Jack Ricci has written an interesting article relative to the law of attraction. He uses an example of an “emotional ladder”, and many people advocate this “step by step” approach to going after our goals.

We agree with this incremental approach as a sound, every day practice. Stretching our comfort zone little by little, we can accomplish amazing things.

As an alternative way of thinking, have you ever been in the right place at the right time, where life seemed effortless?

How about being the founder of Face book? Do you think Mark made it incrementally, or just mushroomed as the buzz hit critical mass?

With today’s technology, tools, and resources, anything is possible in the age of speed.

Balance your financial education; counter the daily brainwashing by the media with insightful commentary by sophisticated thinkers like Richard Maybury.

Stretch our goals, our dreams, our belief in ourselves. Then make choices, take action and do the hard work.

Let’ s make it a great year.

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