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Down to the wire, everyone has their predictions about the race and how it will affect us all.

Not surprisingly, it all comes down to this: Did the real John McCain stand up on SNL alongside the imitation Sarah Palin?

One thing I am sure of: The general public is still going to have to get up Wednesday and go to work. The rules of commerce and capitalism have not been repealed, and we are still in need of cold hard cash to pay our bills and grow our nest egg.

The financial markets have been in a turmoil, and even the proficient Oracle is having a tough time.

Leaves little room for success for the little guy, like you and me, right?

Housing needs to be resolved, stocks need to find their footing, and commodities are slumping. The bright spot is that the government continues to guarantee loans with money they don’t have.

That means we all better get up on Wednesday and go to work so we can pay our taxes.

Winners will understand that is the M.O. everyday, and no amount of government meddling or largess will negate our continual need for self-responsibility for own financial condition.

Elect yourself to be a winner; it really is a choice.

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