02/11/08 | Comments (0)

Giants become Giants by constantly raising the bar.

I have always loved being around athletics. I often find inspiration in the marvelous accomplishments of players, especially when the heat is on.

When Eli Manning scrambled out of the pocket and David Tyree made that unbelievable catch for 32 yards with less than a minute to go in the game, you had to believe in destiny. The unbeaten Patriots collective team spirit was crushed in that moment, and the Giants finished them off.

Largely overshadowed by all the Super Bowl hype, across the globe another Giant quietly went about business as usual.

Winners win, that’s what they do best. The will to win is everything, in athletics and in life.

Whatever struggles we are going through, we must stay focused on the goal and not the obstacles and odds against us, no matter how little time is left on the clock.

Make it a great week.


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