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I just finished reading an advanced copy of Mark Victor Hansen and Robert G Allen’s new book, Cash in a Flash, and it’s a beauty. It is well written, and they present it in a unique way for both left and right brained learning.

These top-notch authors encourage us to focus on Wow Now (a clear vision ), Our Inner Winner, and building Our Dream Team.  Read it, apply the principles, and within 90 days we will be well on our way to turning our financial life around.

These two are prolific writers, and if you are cash strapped and hungry for some new ideas on how to make ends meet, why not pick up a copy or order it online through our library?

I am in a sharing mood: One lucky winner will get it for free: All you have to do is go to Twitter and ReTweet: RT@wizardzofwealth Want a Free Advanced Reader’s Edition of Cash in a Flash?  http://bit.ly/DhlwH

We will randomly pick someone from all those who retweet before June 1 and send a free copy to the winner.

Also, a new resource added : Teach Your Child About Money. Check out our Resource Section for more good ideas.

 It’s no secret it’s a tough economy.

Gloom and Doom is everywhere.

There are spirals that exist in life; status quo and treading water can only continue for so long.

When you pull the plug in the sink, the force of gravity exerts pressure and momentum builds as the water drains out.

Our economy seems to be like that right now.

Only a few short years ago, homeowners felt prosperous and everyone was living large, albeit most above their means.

The credit spigot closed, pulling the plug on the drain. The game was over and a new cycle had begun. Houses began dropping in value, especially in the massively overbuilt areas. Florida, California, Las Vegas, Phoenix. Will the bird ever rise again? Of course, but when?

Homeowners who lose jobs are a problem for the economy, as well as for themselves. They don’t feel like buying new carpets, new appliances, or feel a need to fix roofs.

Subcontractors become more concerned about their prospects; mortgage brokers and Realtors leave the party, and car dealers notice that no one is buying.

In my lifetime, I have never seen so many auto dealers going bankrupt- more jobs lost.

I believe in America, and its people. It’s the government’s spending that worries me. The bills continue to pile up, and we have seen what happens to individuals when they cannot pay bills.

How will we as a nation be able to shoulder that burden?

P.S. (I secretly hope President Obama and his team win the book.)

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