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After they have heard their last lecture, this is the time of year for graduates to reflect on where they have been in life, and where they are going.

Today’s message is about reminding you to celebrate the moment you are in, the present.

It has been said that a life of education begins at birth and ends at death.

Joey has had a rare disease that has troubled him all his life. In and out of hospitals, children’s centers, and seeing one specialist after another. He had a condition where his body rejected all natural foods, and it appeared that he would be on a formula forever.

There were times we weren’t sure if he would even celebrate another birthday.

Yet all through these trials, his very special parents were unwavering in their commitment to get him the best care, to study and do their own research. They had faith that there is a solution to every challenge.

He has missed all the fun foods over the years like pizza, hot dogs, ice cream and (you fill in the blank here).

He has shown a remarkable recovery the last few years after some experimental surgery, with one of the side effects being NO HAIR on his body.

Some of us are learning to live with that ourselves.

After the commencement speaker spoke the words from a classic Irish Blessing, we all proudly and happily watched Joey march down the aisle and receive his diploma, graduating with honors.

Hat’s off to Joey. He even had a full head of hair the day of graduation, as it started to grow in about three months ago.

Tough times never last, but tough people do.

As Jim Rohn likes to say, “God’s arms are not too short, they reach everybody.”

That means me and you.

Whatever your concerns, get over it and move on, focusing on how you can help yourself by helping somebody else.

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