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Image: Seeds and Fruit

Rock on.

Stated another way, what is your rock, your foundation, your guiding light?


What is the object of YOUR life?

Sorry to ask you that personal question, but it is important to answer it.


We have Four major levels of Financial Stability, on a ladder of many small steps.

  • Survival
  • Comfort
  • Leisure
  • Luxury


Wherever we are on that ladder, at the end of the day we still need to reconcile the larger issue…

“What would I do if money were no object?”


Building a life around money is a false God; yet without “enough” money our mind is not free or clear to challenge that larger question.


Here is an email that I recently wrote to Roy H. Williams.

Hi Della,

I read MMM every week, usually cover to cover. Busy last week, didn’t open it until after this week’s post.

Sorry to be tardy.

Tribes are fun, as long as we don’t forget our need for personal responsibility.

The Mug I chose to hold next to mine is my “Pop”.

He’s been my light in the darkness, and the thing I am chasing, although he’s been gone almost six years now.

Thanks for your old school values Pop, and for taking the time to share them with me.

Black and White, no shades of Grey when it came to right and wrong.

They say the fruit is in the seed, and the seed is in the fruit.

The photo was taken October 9, 2004, when our oldest daughter Jennifer said “I do”.

I hope I am as good a “Pop” to her as he was to me…

Old Guys Rock.

Rock on.

Dennis Parmelee, with Walter.
p.s. Pop is still always with me, so he’ll be joining the party, wearing his jacket as usual. He did dress down when we played golf or softball together.


That’s me looking at you… Pop can be seen with me at 3:06.


Pondering what’s worth pondering…

…and taking actions every day to move towards my objectives.

Please send me an email and share your story, if you have time.




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