Image: The blueprints of our life

Our plans, goals and dreams are the blueprint of our lives. They are unique to ourselves and provide us with the opportunity to structure our direction.

There is a multitude of books and authors to help get organized in this process. Many of these say similar things, so skim through a few and pick up one or two books that you relate with and read them. Many people make the mistake of buying every book available on a topic, but never actually read them!

To tap into the hidden recesses of the universe, we must do the work or we will not be able achieve and enjoy the results.

Experts generally recommend that our goals be:

  • specific and written,
  • measurable,
  • attainable,
  • realistic, but cause you to stretch, and
  • time referenced with a target date for realization.

Just as a home-builder has plans for construction, with specifications and deadlines to measure progress, so too do we need the blueprints to carefully plan and evaluate our own growth.

Our values help us create our dreams. Our dreams help us shape our goals. And our plans help us to accomplish them.

Spiritual Growth
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