Image: I alone am accountable for my results in life

At the very heart of personal growth is the concept of responsibility.

We must assume 100% responsibility for everything that happens to us. Rationalizing away bad things we experience only permits us to choose to be victims rather than controlling our lives.

Immaturity and irresponsibility are enabled by excuses. Too dumb, too poor, too old, too fat, no one understands me – these are excuses, not reasons.

Many of the mentors profiled on our site do a wonderful job of explaining how important the concept of achieving true wealth is in many areas of our lives. The journey is about more than acquiring “things,” but about whom we become in the process.

Parents, teachers, loved ones, family and friends should be involved in our lives, expressing their viewpoints. We should not permit ourselves, however, to allow them to make the decisions for our lives. We alone are solely responsible for our own destinies.

Spiritual Growth
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